Gabrielle Lizette

photo courtesy of Josh Keleher

Gabrielle Lizette is a painter, who did most of her growing up in Wisconsin where she had an adventurous childhood fueled by her own imagination. Most of her training comes from studying fine arts for two years at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside while completing her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts with a design and technology concentration.

Gabrielle's favorite and most distinct subject matter featured in her work is the female form. Often the figures in her work are without all the physical traits that define the standard appearance of a human. Her figures tend to showcase accentuated curves, featureless faces, and missing extremities in a confined and isolated frame. The themes found in her work are greatly influenced by the many different and ever changing relationships in her life.

While oil painting on smooth wood will always be her first love, Gabrielle expresses herself with whatever traditional media she can get her hands on: from paints to pencils to inks. With the tools at hand, Gabrielle strives to create sensual and rich images. Her signature style focuses on fluid and smooth blending shapes and colors. Gabrielle hopes her introspective and incomplete images will relate to her audience on a personal and emotional level.